Monday, June 30, 2008

7 Reasons Why the Church is Not a Club.

I have been seeing a trend, actually its more of a mindset that is bothering me in the church lately. I am going to keep it brief, but here in short are 7 reasons why the church is not, and should not be a club.

-A club exists to serve the needs of the members.
-The Church exists to be the light of the world.(Matt. 5:14)
-A club exists to promote the values of the club.
-The Church exists to point to Jesus, and only Jesus.(1 Cor. 2:1-2)
-A club is focused inwardly
-The Church is focused externally.(Matt. 28:19-20)
-A club pursues people with similar goals and interests.
-The Church pursues every tribe, nation and tongue(Rev. 14:6)
-A club focuses on the good of the club.
-The Church focuses on being the salt of the Earth.(Matt.5:13)
-A club relies on club leadership to plan, execute and promote said club
-The Church is a body where every part works together for the purpose of Christ.(1 Cor.12:27,Rom. 12:5)
-A club meeting only consists of members of the club.
-A Church service consists of people who love Jesus, don't love Jesus and have never heard of the Gospel of Jesus.(The whole book of Acts)

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bg said...

I randomly came across your blog and am curious about a couple of your "7 reasons". I am not a fan of calling the church a club, but I disagree with some of your reasons why. As for your reason number one--you cannot read the New Testament without seeing the importance of "inter-body" relationships and the need to build each other up as believers. Paul is extremely clear that the church DOES exist to serve the needs of the members (we are commanded to sever each other)(Romans 12-15; Ephesians 4-6). Your other reason I disagree with is number 7. Your definition of the church totally erases its identity. The whole book of Acts is the account of the Apostles boldly proclaiming the offensive message of Christ and being thrown in prison after prison for it. Those who received the Word (i.e. believed the message) became the church (Acts 2:41). The Church is the body of Christ made up of diverse people who are unified because of the blood of Christ. This is the point of Ephesians. I appreciate your passion but we must let Scripture define Christianity as we react to the false versions of Christianity we have grown up observing.