Wednesday, September 12, 2007

"Just Friends"

So, if you're a guy, (which i am of of the persuasion) then you probably know all too well the phrase "just friends." There is even a movie bearing that same title. Well, I know that i have heard my share of those bittersweet words flowing so fluently out of an unrequited potential partner, many as it were. The sting of hearing a not so mutually shared feeling can be detrimental to ones self-esteem and absolutely heart-wrenching to ones ummm....welll......HEART. I personally know that feeling and would never want anyone to feel the ache of it all, especially not someone i care about.

But then i come to the realization that I too say this quite often, maybe not in so many words but i do say it. In fact the one I say this to is the one i say i care abot the most.

I tell Jesus that I want to be just friends.

You see, when i am not serious about my relationship with my saviour I am essentially telling him that I don't want to be completely in love with him. I tell him that i want a casual relationship with him. I want to be "Just friends." I am telling him that what he is offering is just not as appealing as the life that my own self and the world around can offer. I like what he can give me in a friendship but I am not willing to sacrifice anything to be in an intimate relationship with him, because that's what love is. Sacrifice. Jesus told us that love in its most pure form is laying down our lives for one another. My plans, my time, my money, my things, my lives. They are a speck in the lens of eternity. And yet we consistantly tell him, that friendship is all we are looking for when what we really want is love. Dangerous, unrelenting, undeniable love, but it comes at compromise. We must break up with the world that we are so infatuated with and fall in love with a saviour that knows us by name, knows every detail of our misguided lives and still calls us his own.

Jesus is spilling his heart out to you. What will your response be?