Friday, January 18, 2008

Where are you Lord?

Last night, after a eye-opening experience at RHOP(the Roseville House Of Prayer) I realized why I haven't felt that God is near lately. This may seem way too simple, but as followers of Christ we are supposed to follow him. That means we will want to go where He is going. As Jesus goes to and fro, we should "be covered in the dust of our Rabbi." We should want to be where he is and not where we want to be. Now as a semi-affluent but rebellious American I have been constantly covered in not dust, but in comfort and complacency, and I am fairly certain that Jesus is not hanging out at Starbucks in Suburbia. Now thats not to say that the coffee-shop goers are being neglected, but we have to keep ourselves in check and realize who is leading us. Are pride, comfort and success leading us down their path, or is Jesus leading us down His dusty trail? I hope as you read this your prayer would be "Take me with you, Lord. I want to go where you are going. I want to be where you are."

So continually ask your self, "do you want to go where Jesus is?" Because He is not always where we'd expect Him to be.

Sneaky Jesus...