Monday, April 14, 2008

An In-ignorable Humility.

In the last week, I have had an epiphany of sorts. Thanks to my friends JR and Spectacular, I have come to realize that it always seems to be the good(and by good I mean loving, caring and obedient) christians that think they are bad and the bad(and by bad I mean apathetic and anti-altruistic) christians that seem to think they are good. I think that the "bad" ones think that they are bad because they are comparing themselves to others who have a rigid sound theology and memorized doctrine(which by all means is important). But they will go out of their way to help out a friend or stranger in need. The "good" christians on the other hand are planted firm in their theology, with their creeds memorized and their bibles ready to "do battle", but fail to see the hurting dying world that so desperately needs them to be the hands and feet of the Jesus they so diligently study.

As i was saying, last week I had what you would say a "living discrepancy." I was without a place to lay my head for a couple days and my above listed friends came to my rescue; calling people with empty couches and even paying for a hotel room one night. I was blown away because these particular friends are always telling me how they feel like they are bad christians because they don't study the bible enough or don't know exactly what they believe. all the while I have friends who are in bible college or in ministry in some capacity who don't see the opportunities to serve "the least of these" outside of scheduled homeless outreaches' and troubled youth camps. This all comes down to an in-ignorable humility that followers of Christ should ooze out. Instead of being proud of our knowledge and values we should humbly accept the opportunities we get to serve others.

So, Jr and Spectacular, i want to thank you for being Jesus for me when I needed Him. I think He is very proud of you.

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