Thursday, October 11, 2007

A realistic map.

A few months ago i was in Portland and was staying with some newly acquired friends there and In their living room there was a fairly large map of the world.  The first time i noticed i almost just shrugged it off, but then realized this was a very unique map.    
Now, most maps have half of the Pacific Ocean on the left followed by the United States in the center and Europe, Africa and Asia finishing it off on the right.  But this map was different.  It was as if someone took the normal map described above and flipped it around so its was in essence backwards.  This perfectly odd map started with the Atlantic Ocean on the left and proceeded with Asia, Africa and Europe in the middle and the lonely U.S. in the corner.  So, for the first time in my life i saw the world in a whole new light.  We were not the center of the world.  Literally.  Maybe this is the reason that we are such a country of hearers, not doers.  This place reeks of stagnation.  We sit around and think that the rest of the world has their problems and they should have to deal with them on their own.  Little do we know that Christians in the U.S. are still practicing "isolationism" while the rest of the world is engaging in world affairs.  For once we can learn something from the "secular" world. Sometimes they  engage culture better than we do, and we have the answers to the questions they are asking.  

What i am getting at is that we as the blessed should focus our blessing onto a world that is hurting, lonely and dying.  One amazing organization striving to do this is the Jubilee movement.  This organization works toward debt relief and poverty reduction in third world countries in many ways but one big way is they have introduced a resolution (HR 2634) into Congress this summer and are trying to introduce it into the Senate in November the will effectively cancel debt for 63 third world countries that are literally starving to pay their debt to the U.S.  Most of these countries are spending more on debt relief than on clean water, education, infrastructure and health care combined.  We have the chance to make a difference for literally millions of people worldwide, all we have to do is rearrange our maps and take a different look at our world.

get involved.

The Jubilee Movement


Teddy said...

If someone accepts a loan, they should repay it.
Debt Cancellation isn't an end to the problems of Africa or corrupt 3rd world countries, nor a really mediocre solution. Corruption is fueling Africa's fires. Billions of dollars of debt can't simply vanish into 3rd world countries.

Asking a government to speak on behalf of it's people about spending that much money without their consent is the start of communism.

Anonymous said...

I don't agree with Teddy.
If we have the power to help people in this world we should. These nations have been oppressed by bad leaders who ran up the debt, and now that the countries are trying to pull themselves out of it, we're making them pay for what they couldn't control. It's not fair.

Plus, our governments already spend taxpayers money without them knowing where it goes.

Anonymous said...

any content coming ?

like.a.cannon said...

Yes. Lately I feel like I've been writing in second gear, and I can't seen to pick up enough speed to finish anything. I think I have 6 unfinished pieces that I am working on, maybe 2 of them will get published. But thanks for the encouragement. It's nice to know that someone is enjoying my musings.

Anonymous said...

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