Wednesday, August 8, 2007

.....bearing upon or connected with the matter in hand; pertinent; apposite

I have been thinking lately about how to relate to the world around me and the term relevance keeps beeing thrown around, especially in Jesus centered circles. its everywhere, you hear at evangelism seminars, marketing meeting, theres even a magazine called RELEVANT. but looking back at what Jesus says about this world and His kingdom is this thought.

"Relevance is a consequence of kingdom living, not a cause"
-Rick Mckinley

I know that many of my friends are interested in Jesus but can't grasp going to a stuffy, judgemental church enviroment. But if we understand what His Kingdom is about and use that as the measuring stick of our lives then we don't have to worry about being relevant. Jesus is smart like that. If we stop building our lives around church culture and start living around Jesus cluture than maybe we can bring the gospel to the culture instead of trying to bring the culture to church.

i don't know maybe dreams can come true.

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